Charpy Impact Calibration

Charpy Impact Instrument Capabilities

InstrumentNATA AccreditedTraceableRange
Charpy Impact MachinesXXup to 450 J (usable range)

Key information

NATA Accreditation

Complete Calibration Services Pty. Ltd. holds NATA accreditation for Charpy Impact Calibration. NATA Accreditation is objective proof of CCS’s technical competence in the area of Charpy Impact Calibration. A link to our current NATA Scope

NATA Accreditation allows us to service all customers that maintain a quality system, including ISO 17025:2017 and ISO 9001. 

Calibration Standards

CCS holds accreditation to two force calibration standards:

AS 1544.4 – Methods for impact tests on metals, Part 4: Calibration of testing machine,

ASTM E23 – Standard Test Methods for Notched Bar Impact Testing of Metallic Materials

Standards ensure consistent methods and techniques are applied across labs and therefore comparable results are produced. They apply to a specific set of equipment and govern the environment, setup, reference instruments, methodology and results processing that must be used when performing calibration. 

Relevant Services

Impact Machine commissioning

CCS has experience performing the entire commissioning process for a new impact machine. We are pleased to offer this as a service to our customers.

We can assist with the following activities and more:

  • International EXW Pickup (Factory Pickup)
  • National Transportation
  • Lifting and Hoisting¬†
  • Pedestal Fabrication
  • Installation and Levelling
  • Calibration

NIST Samples

All Charpy impact machines require yearly direct verification of samples certified by NIST (for ASTM E23 calibrations) or another reference material supplier (for other calibration standards). CCS can advise which samples are appropriate for your machine and arrange the purchase and delivery of these samples. Contact us today!  

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