Dimensional metrology

Dimensional Instrument Capabilities

InstrumentNATA AccreditedTraceableAccuracy
Calipers, VerniersXX0.033 mm
ExtensometersXXThe greater of:
(0.25 + 4L) um where L is extension in mm
MicrometersX0.002 mm
Dial GaugesX0.035 mm
Height GaugesX0.010 mm
String PotentiometersX0.070 mm
Feeler GaugesX0.005 mm
Radius GaugesX0.1 mm
Precision LevelsX0.1 mm/m (0.005°)
Rotating LevelsX0.5 mm @ 50 m

Key information

NATA Accreditation

Complete Calibration Services Pty. Ltd. (CCS) holds NATA accreditation for calibration of calipers and extensometers. NATA Accreditation is objective proof of CCS’s technical competence in the area of Dimensional Metrology. A link to our current NATA Scope

NATA Accreditation allows us to service all customers that maintain a quality system, including ISO 17025:2017 and ISO 9001. 

Specialist Environment

In order to ensure low measurement uncertainties, CCS controls the environment of our laboratory. Temperature is a major factor in the uncertainty of a length measurement. To deliver reliable measurement uncertainties, the temperature in our laboratory is constantly monitored and controlled.

Calibration Standards

CCS holds accreditation to two force calibration standards:

JIS B7507 – Geometrical product specifications (GPS) – Dimensional measuring equipment – Vernier, dial and digital callipers

ISO 13385-1 – Geometrical product specifications (GPS) – Dimensional measuring equipment, Part 1: Design and metrological characteristics of callipers

Standards ensure consistent methods and techniques are applied across labs and therefore comparable results are produced. They apply to a specific set of equipment and govern the environment, setup, reference instruments, methodology and results processing that must be used when performing calibration. 

Customer requests

CCS is happy to accommodate requests customers may have as best we can. Should you require a personalised report format, specific measurement error, or another specific piece of information we would be happy to explore how we can assist. We strive to provide industry-leading customer support and satisfaction. 

Relevant Services

Equipment cases

CCS can provide an equipment case with custom foam inserts for any instrument that we receive. 

Many customers send instruments in boxes or bags that haven’t been designed for the instrument. If you would like your item sent back in a brand new case with a custom-fit insert, get in touch today. We care about your instrument and want it to have a long service life in your organisation. 

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